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Family matters

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Local artist Phan Thanh Minh has been an artist in Hoi An for over 20 years. He trained as an architect in Saigon but returned ot his home town to paint and what came out, on his canvasses, was a lot of emotion, a lot of anger and discontentment. He is not alone in that. The young artists of Hanoi and Saigon have been trying to express sadness at the loss of traditional values as Vietnam becomes more and more wetsernized, anger at social inequality in a socialist republic nation and some satire aimed at the nouveau riche and the new gods of western luxury brands.

Here in Central Vietnam, the artists tend to focus on the issues that affect their daily lives; family, local characters, landscapes and markets.

Having been educated in Saigon, Minh is acutely aware of the difference in standards of living between the city and the provinces and he has found subtle ways to express his discontentment about lifes inequalities. Discontentment is at the heart of his works and his latest paintings are focussing on domestic and neighbourhood issues; family joys and challenges, intimate moments and public shame, and the dog is his silent witness to all of these things.

His work is filled with humanity, empathy, humour and discomfort and the viewer can easily identify with the situations portrayed.

His new works are very touching and filled with the kind of loving we find in all families.

Visit his artist page to discover more of his recent works.

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