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Our Artists

  • Our artists produce their own work & each piece is an expression of original thought

  • All our artists have had at least 1 solo exhibition in a gallery, museum or International hotel

  • All our work is produced in Vietnam


Phan Thanh Minh

Minh is one of Hoi An's most prolific artists. He does portraits of local characters and captures their moods, conditions and emotions so well. Sometimes, there is a political message, sometimes he is just observing the human condition. Every picture tells a story.

Marjon Barton, Untitled #36(2016), 15x21.5cm, Ink on Paper.jpg

Marjon Barton

Marjon is a Dutch Indonesian artist living and working in Saigon, Vietnam. Her abstract ink drawings are about love and loss. Every mark she makes is an infinity symbol so the resulting drawing can look a little like a textile. Her aesthetic comes from years spent in North Africa, Japan and now Vietnam. 


Jack Clayton

Jack is an English artist who lives and works in Saigon. His main medium is woodcut printing which he employs to show street life in Vietnam's cities. 

His images are edgy and modern and capture the real character of the streets. 

Jack has a strong fan base and is now receiving some important commissions from Vietnamese collectors.

Fishing boats    160x100cm - $900.JPG

Do Nhu Tuan

Tuan is a colourist working in oils and living in Hue in central Vietnam. He paints the local landscape loves painting animals. He is a landscsape artist but also paints dramtic nudes and from time to time he creates striking animal portraits. 

Tuan is young but very accomplished and his work has a broad appeal. Highly collectible.

70x90cm - $300.JPG

Nguyen Mai Y Nhu

b. 1982, Nhu studied fine art at Ho Chi Minh University in Saigon. She paints about her family life with her children and the dog, of course! Her intimate paintings are full of colour and pattern.

Nhu is a new artist to March Gallery. We will be adding more work soon.

40x60cm - $450.JPG

Bui Tien

Bui Tien was born in 1993. She graduated from Hue University of Fine Art in 2016 and now lives in Hoi An in central Vietnam.  She uses rich mellow tones to paint emotions and attitudes with herself as the model.


Duc Bet

Duc Bet was born in 1980.  He Graduated Hanoi school of Fine Arts and now lives and works in Hoi An.

Duc is a romantic impressionist painter of landscapes and urban scenes around the old town of Hoi An. 

Recently, he has been developing some more conceptual themes of family, ancestry and motherhood.

Hoi An waterfront

Jean-Francois Couderc

Jean-Francois Couderc is a scientist and a photographer.

He experiements with some of teh oldest processing and printing methods that were developed in the early days of photography.

Mixing his own chemicals, he coats heavy watercolour paper to create a  light sensitive surface upon which to develope his images. This artisanal approach gives his images mystery and soul. No two images are ever the same.

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