Our Artists

  • Our artists produce their own work & each piece is an expression of original thought

  • All our artists have had at least 1 solo exhibition in a gallery, museum or International hotel

  • All our work is produced in Vietnam

Bridget March

Bridget March is an English painter who is well known for her colourful acrylic paintings and stunning  watercolours.


This piece is about life on the river beside her harbour house. The aerial view is inspired by the current interest in drone videos..

Pham Thanh Minh

Minh is a long established artist in Hoi An. His work is edgy and sometimes political - always angry!! His work revolves around trivia, family disputes, local corruption and the unfairness of life.

With me, painting is not only a recognition, but also an emancipation with regards to the thoughts that plague inside me.

Marjon Barton

Artist Statement:

My Infinity drawings first appeared during a difficult period in my life. They were a direct response to the love and loss of two important people.


Originally, I used postcard-sized paper since it was small enough for me to work anywhere and in any position. It was my attempt (while they were still alive) to be physically there for them, but also to block out the pain and to seek an escape from reality.

Dinh Nhat Tan

Tan is of the H'Re ethnic group of Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam. He studied at Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts and now has his workshop in Saigon.

If you have a chance to visit the Central Highlands of Vietnam, the land of “grand forests” filled with sunlight and wind, you will feel the strength and the simplicity of the inhabitants in this place.

Jean Cabane

Jean Cabane comes from the rolling, horizontal landscape of southern France and you can sense its influence in all his work. He is not a man who says very much about what he does because his art is in the doing and not in some intention about the end result.


He wants the viewer to find what might be in the image. Maybe a landscape, maybe a face or some pleasing geometry and sometimes, nothing recognisable other than some deeply experienced identity with an emotion that is being expressed by the artist.

Do Nhu Tuan

Tuan graduated from Hue College of Art. he paints in oils and acrylics in the bright colours and style of the Fauvist painters of the 20th century.


He paints the local landscape, the streets of the old town and obviously loves painting animals. Sometimes, a big black pig on a red background, multicoloured buffaloes and then the most sensitive treatment of his own dog.


It is hard not to find his work appealing. Tuan is young but very accomplished and his work has a broad appeal. Highly collectible.

Jack Clayton

Jack Clayton is an illustrator / printmaker from London who specialises in woodcut printmaking. He prints his by hand and often uses the reduction method to add multiple layers of colour from a single block of wood.


Jack moved to Ho Chi Minh City in 2012 and he used his art to gain a better understanding of the city which shows through his immensely complex and thoughtful illustrations.

He had his first solo exhibition at March Gallery in January 2019 and is now developing a collection for Hanoi

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