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Phan Thanh Minh

Minh is a long established artist in Hoi An. His work is edgy and sometimes political - always angry!! His work revolves around trivia, family disputes, local corruption and the unfairness of life. I call him the 'master of discontentment'.



With Minh, painting is not only a recognition, but also an emancipation with regards to the thoughts that plague inside him. He says:-


"I do not know how to name my emotions, I only know how to free myself from them. Around me are so many disordered matters that, at times hide themselves, and at times appeared too clearly before all of us.


Maybe, many other people do not want to use bright colors such as orange, lemon yellow, but with me all such colors are like obsession, as they somewhat express my furies; at times I wanted to caress, to rub them slightly, but at other times I wanted to strongly rake and throw colors on the surface of my painting, not aiming at satisfying my emotions, but I somewhat felt crazily satisfied upon seeing my intention gradually appearing.


And it is so difficult for me to write out all my thinking and emotions, and all these paintings are like a short chapter in my diary in images.


I am constantly obsessed, almost everyday, by portraits that are both familiar and strange, by big grayish eyes that appear at times so clear-cut, at times appearing and disappearing, seeming to sink into one another, so I just could not distinguish them, until the time there remained only rounds that turned dimmer and dimmer, seeming to sink into the painting’s background. And, though a non-figurative feeling, which I realized with an unclear view, at times leaning towards abstraction, using resplendent colors."


Sometimes he caresses his canvasses with paint and sometimes he throws it at the canvas in fury. Always he uses colour in exciting combination and dramatic monotones.


Minh work is purchased by collectors in the USA, Ausralia and Europe where some dedicated followers own dozens of his works. 

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