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In 2021, just as Covid19 really began to redesign our future, a partnership was born between an English visual artist and a French naturalist. Our mission is to raise awareness of the art, culture and nature of Vietnam amongst travelers with enquiring minds who are staying a 5-6 star properties or smaller residences in environments of natural beauty or historic interest.

We are not tour guides. Rather, we will deliver specialist services under your own brand.  We will work with you to develop programmes that will target guests who seek something more - that can become landmark events in your annual calendar. 


Visual arts and culture: We can create an art retreat during your quieter periods to attract both domestic and international guests. We could arrange for guests to have experiences with local artists.

Nature: we can survey your estates and local environment to list all the animal species, trees and plants to engage your guests in the natural richness of this beautiful country. We could also advise on ways to attract or deter wildlife and train your staff to identify and safely dispose of unwelcome species. 

Connections: we can help your brand to make international connections with art, culture and nature organisations to turn your property into a destination for special interest groups and independent travelers.

We are based in Hoi An.  Due to travel restrictions, we have been delivering services to hospitality brands and community groups in Quang Nam but we are ready to discuss new projects wherever you are in Vietnam. 

Let’s Work Together

475/38 Nguyen Tri Phuong

Cam Nam, Hoi An

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