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Charity begins with art

Every year, in October, we hold a charity art auction to raise money for local childrens'

charities. This year, we were donating to The Kianh Foundation, an organisation that provides a day school + care for physically disabled kids in Hoi An, Vietnam. It supports the children and their wider community to provide a very high quality facility that ensure that bright, disabled kids can go on to live independent and productive lives.

As usual, we asked the amateur and professional artists of Hoi An to produce mini (A4) masterpieces on a given theme that will be entered inton and evening, silent auction. We hold the event in a favourite, local restaurant and it is always a good party.

This year, the artists, some international donors and the good people of Hoi An enabled us to raise $1,000 which, in Vietnam, spends like US$3,500 or GBPE4,000 so it's quite a big deal!

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