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How to restore acrylic paint brushes

We are all guilty of neglecting our brushes form time to time and when you find a favourite brush that has been left to dry with acrylic paint on it you may think the only thing to do is to throw it out. Good brushes are expensive so it ia always worth taking some time to retsore them to original condition to extend their life. Some of my brushes have been with me for over 10 years and still look great.

It was a surprise to me that turps could be used to remove acrylic paintg in the same way that it removes oil paint. Before I started to experiment with different solvents, I though it may take a much more aggressive fluid to break down acrylic paint.

If you have any more tips about restoring brushes, please share them here.

Materials required: Natural Turpentine or turpentine substitute. dish was liquid, warm water, scouring pad, soft cloth.

4.5 minutes

Video production: Ly Xuan Dung

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