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How art changes lives

The cities of Vietnam are thriving but deep in the countryside, communities are still very poor and among the most deprived are the ethnic communities that are made up of around 60 different groups, each with their own language, culture and remote location. There are schools, clinics, electricity and internet connections in all of these communities but poverty, poor health, family bereavement, the demands of agriculture, floods and other natual disasters can prevent children, especially girls, from joining or continuing an education programme.

Childrens Education Foundation (CEF) provides support for ethnic girls in Central Vienam to stay in education and provides lessons in life skills, health and hygeine to their communities.

In May 2022, we called on the artists of central Vietnam to create small masterpieces that could be auctioned to raise money for CEF. More than 30 artists donated drawings, paintings, collages and limited edition prints to provide over 40 artworks for the event.

Together with some corporate support, we raised over $3,500 at auction and from generous supporters who bid for any unsold items.

Many many thanks to the artists, the generous bidders and to the venue that hosted our event.

The professional artists:

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