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After he was gone

Next door to March Gallery is a modest dwelling occupied by a lady who has a Mi Quang and Cao Lao stall every morning on the street corner. The day I took over the lease for the gallery, her father died and so began the week long rituals of a Vietnamese funeral right on my doorstep. This is the room where the wake had been held. Cleaned and shined, ready for the mourners. I came in to sit for 40 minutes and soak in the atmosphere. The death music was still playing in a CD player beside the old man's photograph and time seemed to be standing still. Everything in this room reminded me of a Van Gogh painting. No electric light, the small, country furniture, the sparse furnishings and decoration and a new, red lacquer tray set for tea for visitors were all from another time.

The Red lacquer tray - 40x40cm - acrylic on canvas - SOLD

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