Almost all my life, it seems, people have been shouting about the rainforest, saving orang-utangs, saving the bees, counting the disappearing species on a daily basis and measuring air quality. I used to be a member of Greenpeace and now live in Vietnam which has lost at least 90% of its rainforest cover and the accompanying biodiversity.

With this collection, I am drawing attention to the precious wildlife of Vietnam which is threatened or only surviving in conservation projects. Decades of poverty have casued the rural Vietnamese to hunt wildlife for food and there is a general lack of understanding / lack of education, that once it has gone, it heralds the decline of the human race.  Attitudes change slowly and it may be another generation before rural Vietnamese start to protect their environments in order to protect their own futures.

The Red Dream series is about imagining a better future for every living thing on this beautiful planet and it is one artist's wake up call for everyone to imagine a better, gentler future with an alternative economic system that respects all life on earth before profit 

20% of all proceeds of the sale of this collection will go to wildlife conservation in Vietnam. Enjoy the paintings.