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Inspired by Jack's fascination with the history of Hoi An with its culture. For more than 2,000 years, the old port attracted merchants from Japan, Europe, China and India trading in silk, silver, copper, spices, cotton and ceramics.   They all left their mark on this ' peaceful meeting place' and made it the welcoming town it is today.


If you look carefully, you can see that the map of the town which marks out the shape of a whale and a boat. In Vietnamese mythology, the whale is thought to protect sailors and will carry their souls back to shore if they lose their lives at sea. Jack feels that the whale somehow protects this little town even until today.


Dotted on the whale almost like old barnacles on a ship are buildings and temples that particularly took  his eye whilst walking around the town. The assembly halls, the French colonial buildings, the old cinema, the sports stadium and particular shops are illustrated in their location in the map.

This digitally coloured print, taken from Jack's original ink illustration has been printed in a limited edition of only 10.

The Hoi An Illustration

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