Art Rentals

Want to put art on your walls but not sure where to get it? Need help planning and hanging artwork? Let us guide you. 

Innovative companies are focused, determined, and different. They build products and customer experiences that are memorable.


Let us help you to select art to enhance your interiors and to reflect your values.


We offer art classes, art master classes, photo workshops and textile painting workshops. We connect with craftspeople in the area to offer a range of experiences in embroidery,  ceramics, sketching, ink painting and woodcut.

Art consultancy

If you or your guests would like to know more about art in Vietnam, we can give consultations or presentations to talk about its history and the current state of contemporary art. We can connect you with experts and practitioners to suit your needs.

Team Building

We will create team-building workshops that help unite your people in achieving a common goal through the medium of art. It’s an original way of taking business professionals out of their comfort zone and encouraging them to create, collaborate, take risks, experiment and to participate in a relaxed environment.


Our team building workshops include drawing, photography, collage, art installation and painting. Through collaborative art, your team will be able to communicate shared visions, stories and experiences that connect to your business theme. It’s these connections that will help them to enhance skills such as creative thinking, trust and interpersonal undertanding through the art-making process.


March Gallery Tel:  +84 (0) 773 779 074

42 Phan Boi Chau, Hoi An , Vietnam, 563600