'Amazonia - What kind of war'  by Bridget March

Watercolour and cut cotton paper

60 x 13cm - folded into hard cover - bound in Thai mulberry paper - with ribbon

Wrapped in a Thai silk pouch


This piece is  an expression of anger and grief at the wanton despoiling of the Earth's most  beautiful, diverse and thrilling ecology that has to stop NOW. The verse,  by Bridget reads:-

What kind of war kills flowers and bees

Sends creatures screaming from their trees

Poisons the water, Scorches the earth

And rips the lungs from our planet to hasten death


What kind of war against humanity

Goes unnoticed in the name 

Of that old god



$30% of the proceeds of this piece will go to The Rainforest Trust 


The price includes worldwide shipping. 

Amazonia - What kind of war?