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Ink infinity drawing

15 x 21cm


Marjon Barton produced a series of drawings during a difficult time in her life. She found a way to express love, loss and infinite uncertainty through her drawings of infinity symbols. These drawings are not planned or designed; she begins and follows where her heart takes her until she is finished. They are pure expressionism. Every mark on the page is an infinity symbol.


The first series was of about 40 drawings which she produced as a way of distracting her mind from what was going on around her. These days, she makes these drawings as a way of keeping alive the memory of those she lost.


During her career she has lived in Morocco, Japan and Vietnam and all thos cultural influences can be seen in the aesthetics of her drawn pieces.


In a world where love and loss is such a difficult thing to talk about, it is comforting to know that someone else has felt what you feel, has felt what we all feel and expresses it so elegantly. These drawings are like meditations. 



Untitled #54

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