50 x 45cm Acrylic on Canvas


THis is my neighbourhood. THe little lanes of small holdings and modest houses nestle on the edge of a large rice growing plain. At some tiome, this area may have had greater prominence than it currently enjoys becuase there are some very important grave sites around here, including the site of a royal concubine's tomb.


THe most interesting relicto me is that of teh Nest Gatherer's temple. THis temple of Mr. Tien  recognises the ancient industry of gathering swift nests to turn into soup and restorative drinks. IT is not clear how old this place is, but it was restored in 1848 which may date it at, at least, one hundred years earlier.


I like to walk out there in the early mornings andthe evenings to bathe in the silence, the smeall of growing rice and the silky breeze that blows through the rice fields.

The swift Gatherer's Village