The history of this bridge is so layered in myths, legends, politics, cultures and powerplays that it is hard to know how to tell its story.


It was built as a symbol of concord between the Japanese and trading communities who brought their business here to Hoi An to escape the sea trade bans of their own countries.  Originally, it may have been a simpler, Japanese structure but over the centuries it has morphed into something that looks like a Chinese temple and currently houses a temple dedicated to the god of the north ho controls storm and flood.


The Japanese legend says that this bridge is located on one of the magical  geophysical ley lines that criss cross the planet. It is also strategically placed on the back of the giant, monster catfish that has its head in India and whose tail can set off earthquakes in Japan.


My painting is about the spirits that flow through and under this special place giving it an aura that most busy tourists could never notice.

Acrylic on canvas - 50 x 45cm

The spirits of the bridge by Bridget March