34 x 70cm Ink and watercolour on paper scroll.


YANG Xiaomin, Chinese artist, was born in 1972 in China.

He holds a Master of Fine Arts of Nanjing University (Nanjing) and is a member of the National Union of Chinese artists, editor-in-chief of Art magazine Asia-Pacific and honorary member of the Board of Directors of the Artists' Foundation Dialogue des Arts Contemporaries in Morocco. Yang is also a researcher at the Center for Studies on the Development of Asia Pacific at Nanjing University. He has prcticed in Indian ink since the middle of 1990s.


The precious, red dye of the cochineal beetle first arrived in China, from Mexico,  in the mid 1500s when the age of sea exploration connected all the great trading nations of the world. This colour, known as 'foreign red' (yang hong) was worth more than gold and coloured the most exquisite silks and tapestries. Red represents hapiness and prosperity and these qualities have been extended to the beetle itself.


In Yang Xiaomin's paintings, the little beetle is out on a limb, at the end of a twig, surveing the view and thinking about those on the other side; the other side of the valley, the other side of the sea or the other side of the world. The artist's daughter, also an artist, is on the other side of the world  in the USA. Is she the little beetle? Is he the little beetle? Are they two little beetles calling to each from the other side? 


This painting is part of the exhibition L'Encre : Muc : Ink (November 2019). Recognising that Vietnam is not as wealthy an art market as that of China and that it is a new market for Yang Xiaomin, it should be noted that these pieces are being offered at a much lower price than in his native market.  

The other side #6