'Soul Mate' by Mai Le 2019

Watercolour - 56 x 76cm


"I was wondering a lot, before putting the pen down and drawing about the last piece of the series; my "puzzle pieces".

I think about the people I have met, the lands I have visited, the events I have experienced in 27 years of my life. And then finally, when I sat down, and looked to my side, I saw him.

For the past 18 months, he has always been with me, shoulder to shoulder with me like a true close friend. His presence in my life is of great significance.  He changed my life, helping me realize the true value of happiness of a peaceful and simple life.
I left the city, went back to my hometown to live with him, away from the city, the luxury and the commotion." Mai Le


How to describe this man who gives a warm hug beofre sleep and a kiss on the forehead each morning before rising? The meaing is in his feet and hands.

The hands which are there to help, to hold and to steadily support. The feet that walk on the outside, that go ahead to make sure things are safe, that here and there during the ordinary tasks of the day and that are beside in our new journeys together.


" I think the most meaningful thing in love is not to get a rich person or to love you to the point of burning, but to meet someone who is willing to accompany you in all the journeys of life, and feel happy blessed about that." Mai Le 2019

'Soulmate' by Mai Le