In support of Education for Wildlife Vietnam

105x60cm acrylic on canvas


Water buffalo have no word for 'hurry', no word for 'quick' and no urgent needs of any kind.  All they need is a wallow,  some herbs and water plants and the good company of a cattle egret. 

In the rice fields of Vietnam, the water buffalo is still a common sight and their gentle presence  slows a racing mind . 


If we don’t dare to dream, if we cannot imagine the future we want for ourselves, nothing can change. Many are saying that the Covid19 pandemic is a chance for the world to reset; to reset our hopes and dreams for the future, to stop despoiling this beautiful plant, to halt the greed and curtail our consumerism. 


These red paintings are about the things that are important to me; the things I must not lose or endanger; the things that delight and mystify, that thrill and make me feel like I am a part of this beautiful world. 


$450  -  30% of proceeds  will go to Education for Nature Vietnam who work to stop the killing of wildlife and who run an education programme to change local attitudes to the animals and their environments.

The price includes worldwide shipping.

Patience - Trâu Nước