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Sensational Saigon - Limited Edition of 100

Leaving Saigon?........ Missing Saigon.


This very special,limited editioni, llustrated artists' book is made just for you

The book Sensational Saigon is about the city that is changing shape at the speed of sound. That sound is the symphony of Saigon; a never ending creak of cranes, scream of circular saws and the rhythms of water pumps and jack hammers. By the time you have read this book, it will have changed again, but at least you might understand what is precious and what the Saigonaise will take forward with them.


45 copies of this limited edition of 100 signed and numbered book are still available.


I apologise for the higher price but shipping costs have almost doubled during the Covid19 lockdown. 



Video by Ly Xuan Dung.

Sensational Saigon - Limited Edition of 100

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