River Alley by Bridget March

  • Acrylic paintings are very resilient. The most famous artists now use acrylic paint in preference to oils because of their intense colours and versatility. High quality acrylics such as are extremely flexible, non-yellowing, water resistant, and highly resistant to scratches once dry. Of course, you painting is valuable and you will treat it with care, but you should feel confident that you can hang your acrylic painting in the kitchen, the bathroom and the living room with equal confidence. Oil paint can become brittle over time and the colours may yellow and become subdued. Even Van Gogh’s paintings are now suffering from ageing colours and are losing their brilliance.


    This painting has been created on high performance, mould resistant, polyester and acrylic canvas from South Korea. It has been rolled for shipping and you should take tghe rolled painting straight to the picture framed to get it stretched onto a new wooden frame. 



    • The painting has been rolled with the painted surface facing outwards to the painted surface is slightly stretchd rather than compressed. Even acrylic paintings might suffer some stress if rolled with the painted surface on the inside of the curve.

    •  You do not need to put your acrylic painting behind glass to protect it.

    • Please keep your new painting out of direct sunlight even though acrylic paint stands up very well to UV rays but the painting, like almost everything else, will deteriorate if exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time

    • Remove dust from the surface with a soft cloth.

    • Remove grease and grime with water and drop or two of household detergent and rinse it off with water.

    • Never use any alcohol or solvents to clean acrylic paint - only water solutions.


    If your painting gets damaged, you should seek out a local professional artist who works in Acrylics to make the repair. Acrylics repair easily and the repairs should normally take very little time and you will be charged a modest fee. If you need help to find a local artist, email me for assistance.