Framed. This collection of three roosters was created to celebrate the 'year of the Rooster' 2017.


Batik Rooster, This blue and white rooster is inspired by traditional H'Mong batik textile designs. The symbols represent important aspects of their lives.These include icons for hen's eyes, cock's combs, crab claws, mountains, fences and homestead, snails, seeds and rice terraces. 


Saigon Rooster - A colourful take on the map of District 1&2 in Saigon. You can identify the Palace and zoo and the curl of the river around An Phu and Thao Dien.


Tropical Rooster - A proud rooster give the tropicl treatment


Inkjet print using archive quality inks. Printed on 100% cotton paper. Signed by the artist with signature and her red ink chops*. Mounted with a double matt and backed with featherlight foamboard to keep it flat.acrylic lens. Framed in a narrow lacquered wood frame in Cinnamon. There is a hanger on the back.

Image 23x23cm  

Overall size 35 x 35cm

Framed Rooster prints by Bridget March

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  • Giclee prints are very special: they can be found in the world's finest museums, art galleries and private art collections and should be treasured and cared for in the same way as an original piece of art.


    Giclee prints carefully reproduce the rich colours and beautiful detail of each brush stroke of the original painting and any imperfections that you may see on the print are a feature of the original painting and exact reflection of the nature of the painted surfaces of paintings.


    This giclee print has been created on beautiful 320 gsm museum grade French hot press 100% cotton rag paper using archival  pigment inks.


    • I recommend taking your mounted print straight to the framer. We do not supply rolled prints because cotton papers will kink and crease easily during the unrolling process and these creases are permanent.
    • Please keep your new print covered until it is framed to avoid damage. Be careful of water, hard objects & adhesives as these can damage and scratch the surface of your print. Try not to use your hands to wipe off any dust as this can also scratch the surface.
    • After being framed, try to keep your print away from direct sunlight as UV rays can eventually affect the colours over time.