Coral Paradise - Ran san ho

In support of Educationfor Nature Vietnam



I first went snorkling on the Great Barrier Reef in 1987. I could never have imagined that anything so beautiful really existed. I never wanted to leave. Now, I live only a few km from the Cham Islands Biosphere where turtles play in their coral gardens. But, rumour has it that not all the local fishermen and trip boat captains are properly respecting this sanctuary. What will they do if it dies?
I hope my paintings help to keep these issues in your mind. We must protect these precious places for the next generations. They too should experience the wonder and beauty that enrich our lives and make us feel a part of natures miracles.


$385  -  30% of proceeds  will go to Education for Nature Vietnam who work to stop the killing of wildlife and who run an education programme to change local attitudes to the animals and their environments.

The price includes worldwide shipping.

Coral Paradise - Rạn san hô