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Gossip and jokes

In support of Education for Nature Vietnam

105 x 60cm


Out sketching in the boatyard, one day, I was kept company by nosey geese. They  are so funny with their poses, sideways glances, parading up and down. If only they could talk - I bet they are full of jokes and  gossip! Whenever I am able to sit and draw on location, I am always greeted by curious creatures . Dragonflies hover and stare, little frogs will sit on my foot, birds will edge closer to see what I am up to  and fish will nibble if I dip a toe. I hope we never have to endure a world without animal friends.


If we don’t dare to dream, if we cannot imagine the future we want for ourselves, nothing can change. Many are saying that the Covid19 pandemic is a chance for the world to reset; to reset our hopes and dreams for the future, to stop bespoiling this beautiful plant, to halt the greed and curtail our consumerism. 


These red paintings are about the things that are important to me; the things I must not lose or endanger; the things that delight and mystify, that thrill and make me feel like I am a part of this beautiful world. 


105 x 60cm

The price does not include shipping.

Gossip and jokes - Trò chuyện

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