'Amazonia - 'A Postcard to the future' by Bridget March

Watercolour and cut cotton paper

60 x 13cm - folded into hard cover - bound in Thai mulberry paper - with ribbon

Wrapped in a Thai silk pouch


This piece is  an expression of anger and grief at the wanton despoiling of the Earth's most  beautiful, diverse and thrilling ecology that has to stop NOW. The verse,  by Bridget reads:-


A postcard to the future

From: the egotistic generations


We will be remembered as the generations of Greed,

Damn tomorrow and damn hunger, pestilence and need


You will think we hated animals, oceans and trees

Kill the animals, murder the forests and poison the seas


You will despise us for the pollution and debt

For borrowing from your future, for the ignorance and neglect.


Eternally unforgivable


$30% of the proceeds of this piece will go to The Rainforest Trust 


The price includes worldwide shipping. 

Amazonia - A postcard to the future