'A Week in Hoi An' is an artist's guide to the ancient town of Hoi An.


Bridget March has been travelling around Vietnam for the past 4 years. She is always accompanied by her Moleskine sketchbook and watercolour paints and has been sketching and painting the subjects and the places which have caught her eye along the way. A Week in Hoi An is an adaptation of Bridget's original sketch book and features all of her favourite watercolours and sketches from her time in this magical town. These watercolours are accompanied by handwritten notes and stories making it a personal and intimate read, as if you really had just picked up Bridget's journal. The colourful pages are filled with over 60 fascinating drawings and watercolour sketches.

The World Heritage Town of Hoi An is famous for its ancient streets, colourful shops, temples, cafes and bustling market. This book tells the stories behind some of the towns ancient places, such as the mystical Japanese Bridge and temple and the ancient Cham people who once ruled this area of Vietnam.


Bridget Says:

"The more I drew, the more I wanted to know about the history and culture of this ancient town. So I have pulled together research from many sources to give the reader a much deeper insight into this World Heritage Town. Surrounding the town there is also a verdant landscape of rice paddies and morning glory beds, where people still work the fields with oxen and the buzz of dragonflies is all around. I try to capture the tranquility of these pastures, which visitors can explore by bicycle."

A Week in Hoi An