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Watercolour painting 101

If you haven't tried painting with watercolour yet, this 101 introduction to paper, paint and some basic techniques will show you what you need to make a start.

In this video, I show you the two main types of watercolour paint, what kind of brushes to choose, that there are different types of paper to choose from and also, some simple techniques to demonstrate its characteristics and potential.

my demonstration of the difference between the two most popular types of watercolour paper. Click the link.

To start painting with watercolour you only need: A5 pad of 300gsm cold pressed watercolour paper

2. 6 or 7 colours of paint plus white

3. a collection of 4-5 assorted watercolour brushes (short handled brushes usually)

4. some water.

5.5 minutes

Video production: Ly Xuan Dung

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