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Take an art class when you visit Hoi An

Next time you plan a visit to Hoi An, why not spend a couple of hours learning something new about drawing, sketching or colour. No matter whether you normally paint with acrylics, oils, pastels or watercolour, my workshops can help you to improve your skills and techniques. Classes are held in some of the most beautiful old buildings, gardens and beach locations in Hoi An.

I am a professional artist and gallerist living and working in hoi An, Vietnam. Before comeing to Vietnam in 2012, I was a senior lecture at Leeds College of art and have a broad experience of painting and drawing. If there is something that you would like to learn as part of your holiday, why not book a class before you arrive. I can supply all materials as necessary.

You can find my list of classes and workshops here and I can also create custom classes to help you with particular blocks or problems. My classes are good for beginners and advanced practitioners. We never stop learning do we.

This video shows a class I recently gave in a beautiful old temple building near the beach.

This video 3.3 minutes

Video production: Ly Xuan Dung

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