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Painting does have a purpose

Peter Doig's work has had some influence on my own painting. We see some things in a similar way. His stone walls are as colourful as mine, he uses

representational textures and patterns to describe water, stars, trees and foliage in a similar to me, also.

Like me, he wonders what he is doing, doubts his own abilities to convey meaning.

Peter says "Painting doesn't have a function, not in the way that music or film does... I mean, you can dance to music. Music can be used for a soundtrack, so it has a function in that sense, beyond itself. But painting doesn't... But I do believe that painting has a purpose."

I believe that art helps us to define ourselves, to say who we are. We form lifelong attachments to some of our artworks and gain some kind of satisfaction whenever we spend a few moments with a favourite one. They remind us of time, place, emotions and atmosphere and help us to remain connected to our souls.

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