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Covid blessings!

I received my first Covid19 jab recently and there does seem to be a new air of optimism here in Hoi An because we are starting to catch up with the western world and can start to imagine a time when foreign visitors will be allowed to freely enter Vietnam once more. Large hotels are starting to open again and entrepreneurs are creating new businesses to attract both domestic and international visitors. Here at March Harbour Gallery, business has really been quite good. We have received more international orders and more domestic art commissions in the past 6 months than ever before which has been a delightful development. In the past months, we have sent paintings to Denmark, France, USA and the UK and completed five important commissions from personal and corporate clients.

This piece, by Phan Thanh Minh (160x160 Acrylic on canvas)went to an art collector in California this week.

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