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Always at home with your art

With price of property rising higher and higher and the need for mobility, more of us are renting properties, especially in cities. The furnishings and colour schemes of budget accommodation are uniformly bland and it can be difficult to feel at home in them.

A good way to make your mark as soon as you move in is to always carry with you some works of art that you can hang right away. Paintings will instantly mark any space with your personality and switch it from boring to brillilant!

Forty years ago, our homes were more varied and the furnishings more diverse than they are today. You could sense someone's personality as soon as you walked in the door. Bathroom suites used to be coloured, carpets were patterned, walls were more often papered with a greater range of patterns. Now, bathroom suites are universally white, kitchens are fitted with black granite work tops, everyone has down lighters and the walls are off-white

But into these bland spaces you can bring your works of art to stand out as unique and original items in your new dwelling space. Original art is a very sound investment in your well-being and emotional stability when everything else around you is changing.

At the moment, high quality original art by named artists is very inexpensive in Vietnam. Even with the cost of worldwide shipping included, art from Vietnam by international or local artists is very reasonably priced when compared to similar works in western countries.

To find out more about the artists of Central Vietnam, visit our website

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