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Watercolour sketching for travelers

If you would like to create an illustrated travel journal or do some watercolour sketching to record your travel experiences, we have exactly the class for you.

First - we will give you techniques and colour skills to make watercolour painting come alive in your imagination. Using only five colours of paint, you will learn how to mix, blend and blur exciting colour combinations.

Second - we focus in on four of your senses to make you more present in the moment and help those words to flow. Every moment you spend with watercolour sketching will open your mind and heart to what is really going on around you and bring your travel experiences alive.

Third - you will create a watercolour sketch collage that will be an unique memory of this place

Last - you will complete a small painting that will help you to see colour in a completely new way and you may discover the artist that has been sleeping inside you.

You can book our regular weekend classes on Eventbrite .

Other times can be arranged by contacting us directly at marchgallery.hoian@gmail.comFirst - we will

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