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Early autumn in Hanoi

Everyone in Vietnam agrees that Hanoi is beautiful in the autumn and this week has proved that to be true. As I sit here at the window overlooking West Lake I reflect on all my visits to Hanoi and how I have gradually come to know her. This morning I was in the sweltering heat of one of the wholesale markets negotiating prices. Now I am looking at a perfectly serene view of palm trees waving in a gentle breeze, bougainvillea dripping from a romantic old balcony and behind me the Red Dining Room of Maison de Tet decor where I have exhibited each autumn for the past three years. I always have a good time here; the ladies of Hanoi buy my etchings and drawings and I have time to eat at my favourite restaurants, catch a movie and do some shopping for a few western essentials that are not available in Central Vietnam.

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