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Introducing the rare works

Vietnam's rich cultural heritage comes from its diverse ethnic mix. Centuries of trade and migration have seen people from India, Mongolia, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and all its bordering nations bring their skills and traditions to this wonderful country. One of the most beautiful crafts is to be found in hill tribe textiles. Artists rarely take pages from their sketch books because they are such a personal record of things they have seen, observed and documented. To honour the rarity of these vintage textiles, Bridget March has taken some pages from her Sapa notebook and framed them together to express a deep connection she discovered when living in Sapa. Currently, there are just 5 of these 'Rare works' available. The drawings cannot be repeated; the textiles describe a single living soul and will never be replicated.

This piece shows a watercolour 'postcard' with a diagram explaining the symbolism of the geometric shapes in indigo batik printed designs. There is a hand printed postage stamp from North Vietnam in 1948. The piece of deep indigo batik shows the snail and rice motifs.

Each piece comes with its own story and good provenance.

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