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Art will change your life

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Relax ............ you do not have to understand art to buy it any more than you have to understand music, fashion design, the workings of the internal combustion engine or radio waves to buy a CD, some new clothes, a car or to watch and enjoy television.

When you let art into your life, it changes everything. Original art will change the energy in your environment and have a positive effect on you. It can raise your self-esteem, improve your creativity, cause you to change the colours of your life and help you to see things very differently. Art will soften you and deepen your insight. Art has much the same effect upon us as being amongst trees, sitting close to flowers and walking in the landscape.

When you buy your first piece of original or limited edition art, you will feel differently about yourself. You have just bought something which is an unique expression of your personal vibe, your own style and, just like playing your favourite music, you have declared something about the inner workings of your heart and mind. People will see you differently; they will understand that you are more complex, more sophisticated and more attractive than they previously realised.

Buying art is a mature thing to do. It says that you know how to express yourself; It is an interesting thing to do.

What was the first piece of original art you ever bought?

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