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Marjon Barton

Artist Statement:

My Infinity drawings first appeared during a difficult period in my life. They were a direct response to the love and loss of two important people. Originally, I used postcard-sized paper since it was small enough for me to work anywhere and in any position. It was my attempt (while they were still alive) to be physically there for them, but also to block out the pain and to seek an escape from reality.


Normally, I’m attracted to bold saturated strokes. For some reason, I was drawn to the infinity symbol and found its repetitive movements very calming—almost like meditation. As I was drawing, fissures appeared serendipitously.  They intrigued me and I was curious to see what would appear and where.  To challenge myself, I started to create rules: going in one direction only, symbols have to touch, size has to alternate, etc--always trying to strike a balance between the subconscious, conscious, and meditative state.


I continue to be fascinated by this theme. Through my “infinity” symbols I am exploring life and human relationships. Its opposing forces fascinate me: chaos/order, construction/destruction, good/evil, freedom/constraint, confinement/escape, regenerate/damage.  


Additionally, many of my works contain a red embroidered thread or other red markings: in Asia, we believe that we are connected to our soulmate by a red thread. All we have to do is follow it to find one’s life partner. Life has its ups and downs and hardships. Each of us has a different journey to follow.

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