Jean Cabane

November 2019. 

This exhibition of two paintiners in ink is a return event. Two years ago, Jean Cabane travelled to China to work and exhibit with Yang Xiaomin in his home town near Shanghai.  This time, Yang Xioamin come to Jean's home town of Hoi An, Vietnam to share a new experience.


Jean Cabane comes from the rolling, horizontal landscape of southern France and you can sense its influence in all his work. He is not a man who says very much about what he does because his art is in the doing and not in some intention about the end result. He wants the viewer to find what might be in the image. Maybe a landscape, maybe a face or some pleasing geometry and sometimes, nothing recognisable other than some deeply experienced identity with an emotion that is being expressed by the artist. 

He works in ink with brushes and other implements; sometimes he creates ink images on glass and prints them onto Dzo paper. Often, after preparing his paper and tools, he will simply stand and wait. He waits until his mind is clear. When his mind is clear and he is communing with his subconscious, he makes marks on the paper. When it is finished - he stops. What you see in the end result is something of your own.


Brief Encounters collection

'I consider the act of painting to be a similar experience to writing poetry. I often write a few words on small pieces of paper when I paint.

In front of me on my studio table are bowls, ink, my brushes and a blank sheet of xuan paper brought from a short stay in Nanjing. My hand grabs the brush. The bristles of the brush are filled with ink and come to leave the trace of their passage over the surface of the paper inaugurating a game between the black of the ink and the white of the paper. In this game are born forms, images, imaginary landscapes as ephemeral manifestations of emotions felt.'       Jean Cabane

Lumiere collection

Jean Cabane does not often work in colour but this collection of small acrylic paintings are a delightful celebration of the mysteries of weather and landscape moving together.   A watery sunrise, a misty monsoon morning, the painted walls of the old town and the river running through.


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