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24 Aug 2018

'I rarely draw what I see; I draw what I feel in my body'

Barbara Hepworth was born in 1910 in Wakefield, UK. She studied at Leeds College of Art and at the Royal Academy, London. She and Henry Moore were part of the modernist movement and were the first to create pierc...

2 Aug 2018

'The mind loves the unknown. It loves images whose meaning is unknown, since the meaning of the mind itself is unknown.'

Magritte was born 1898 and struggled all his career to gain recognition for his work. The young artists of the 'Pop Art' movement were greatly influe...

1 Aug 2018

David Hockney was born near my own home town in Yorkshire in 1937 and studied art for 10 years at Bradford School of Art and at The Royal College of Art in London. He and some of his fellow students began the 'Pop Art' movement and he has been a hero of mine for 30 yea...

8 Feb 2018

If you read my last post ('After he was gone') you will be interested to learn that this painting has become the first of a series of paintings that are expressing a new fascination for me. For the past few years i have been travelling around this fascinating country e...

31 Oct 2017

Next door to March Gallery is a modest dwelling occupied by a lady who has a Mi Quang and Cao Lao stall every morning on the street corner. The day I took over the lease for the gallery, her father died and so began the week long rituals of a Vietnamese funeral right o...

25 Oct 2017

These ancient Vietnamese lions may, one day, replace all the fierce Chines lions that guard banks and hotels today.

4 Sep 2017

On Vietnam's National Day, September 2nd. March Gallery honoured the creativ industries of Vietnam with a private screening of Tran Anh Hung's award winning movie, 'Cyclo' which tells the story of a young man's struggle to survive in the post war chaos of Saigon's city...

3 Aug 2017

Vietnam's rich cultural heritage  comes from its
diverse ethnic mix. Centuries of trade  and migration have seen people from India, Mongolia, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and all its bordering nations bring their skills and traditions to this wonderful country. One...

14 Jul 2017

Painting holiday in Hoi An 7-13th October

In October we will run a watercolour painting retreat here in Hoi An. The full retreat is 6 days and 7 nights but we are offering the option to come for just three days if you are short of time. You can come for the first three...

15 Jun 2017

The Hoi An Silk Festival ran from 7th-14th of June, and is part of the larger Quang Nam Heritage Festival which has celebrated its 6th year of operation. The Heritage Festival showcases and enhances Vietnamese cultural values, as well as highlighting provincial cultura...

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